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My name is Patricia Hornblower, I have graduated from Publication Design and Hypermedia Technology, a three year professional program held at John Abbott College. I also have obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts. Throughout my stay at John Abbott College, I acquired a vast range of knowledge involving art and design. My strength is mainly in print and illustration. My artistic background and my newly found knowledge in design give me a strong sense for esthetics.

I am gradually undertaking design mandates for small companies. My experience in the field of design is progressively thriving.

I have been highly involved in the aquatics world: competitive swimming, water polo, competitive diving as well as synchronized swimming. I also have been participating in a soccer team since the tender age of 6. I am a team player; I like working for a team, with a team. I am highly motivated when people rely on my skills and knowledge. I have been labeled as a Leader. I can recognize when I am needed to take charge which has given me the opportunity to become a Supervisor at the Therese Casgrain pool situated in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

I am often found drawing and doodling in my sketchbook. I have developed quite the interest in Japanese Animation and Comic Book art. During my academic stay, I became involved with the Japanese Animation Club and quickly became the Club President.

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